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Buying YouTube Views: Safe or Not? (It's Time To Know)
There is no denying that YouTube is one of the online media that has created a huge impact on the lives of millions. As a matter of fact, most people cannot leave the day without visiting their own Facebook pages for some reasons. Well, there are indeed so many advantages that this social networking channel has contributed to the world.

youtube views

One of which is in the aspect of brand marketing. Businesses use this site as a medium for their promotional campaigns on the internet. Now, if you are an online entrepreneur, should you buy YouTube views or not? Keep reading to know the pros and cons of purchasing YouTube views.

What Are The Advantage of Buying Views?

Large Number of Users
Whether you are just watching few random video or actively socializing in the site, it is safe to claim that there are millions of users enjoying it too. Take note that it isn’t just a mere social network or even a video hosting site. YouTube is a large sea of information, as well as entertainment, bombarded with funny weirdos, everyday kids, etc.

Try imagining more than a hundred million of active Facebook aficionados regularly making activities on the site. Now, try imagining how popular and viable your brand can be if the largest percentage (if not all) of this online population has been counted as ‘views’ in favor of your label. That is something that would increase the popularity of your brand and earn real followers, which, in turn, would allow you to develop loyal customers.

Improved Stats
You know that when a brand has been ‘watched’ by a lot of people, everyone tends to get along with the hype. Obviously, when your site multiplies the number of views, your stats and online presence get stronger. There is a big difference between a site/brand/product with 1 million views and likes and those that only reach 10,000 likes in the average, especially in terms of marketability.

If you are particularly targeting a specific marketplace, clicks from these marketplaces will make your brand more and more popular and closer to potential clients. As your channel grow larger, your site’s statistical positions in the online world get higher. Needless to say, this would result in greater possibilities of placing your brand on par with or ahead among top competitors.

Making your brand highly-competitive in the market may not be that easy. For this reason, you should be using effective ways on how to make that possible, and one of them is to buy YouTube views.

buy youtube views

It has been documented that YouTube generally base a certain part of their algorithm on the view count of their video. The more views you had, the better ranking you will get. When you have a better ranking, it means that your video has the chance to go viral. This is becoming more significant since YouTube keeps on growing. Hence, a lot of businesses buy YouTube views to above the competition.

Kickstart The Success You’ve Been Longing For

We all know that it wasn’t easy to catch up at first for videos. Not unless you’re already a sensational internet celebrity, there is a possibility that you’ll be ignored or bashed. As soon as the service kicks in, your YouTube video has a better opportunity to get noticed by real users.
You can always expect that you would get what you pay for. This would give you peace of mind knowing that your needs would be catered the way they should be. This would guarantee you satisfaction more than what you expect. Buy YouTube views and count on the benefits it could give. 

So What Is The Disadvantage?

You might garner an irrelevant audience
There are instances that the purchased YouTube views aren’t from people who like to buy your service or product. They are either paid employees or bots, neither of them will make a purchase. This may result to a sloping of your numbers on the conversion of views. However, if you know how to subtract the number of purchase, then you could easily get an accurate number.

Final Words
Since the majority of the people are devoting their time in using YouTube to be updated on the latest trend around the globe, this opens the gate for many businesses to move towards the next level of development and growth. Reading web content is not anymore that productive since people prefer to watch a video advertisement. To buy YouTube views can be considered one of the best solutions for those businesses that are just starting out or need some improvement. If you are one of those business owners, who are struggling to have brand recognition, seek advice first and weigh things beforehand to maximize the potential of your social media marketing strategy. 

Author Bio:
Katherine Lane is a content writer for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on YouTube Marketing. With her expertise, she understands the essence and importance of such. Thus, integrating her skills in the field of content writing to help individuals and businesses that are into YouTube niche.

youtube verified badge

How to get Youtube Verified Checkmark on the account?
Whenever you see verified sign on YouTube channel. It means the author of the account is established and genuine. Thus he get more subscription than others.
This is why YouTube gives verified badge to the channel which has more than 100000 subscribers.
Once you reach here. You can contact YouTube to update the check mark by contacting them.

Read more here

Hope this tutorial will help you to get it.


How to Re-Enable Monetization on my Youtube Channel?
If monetization is disabled for your YouTube channel, it could be because of several reasons. Any of these actions could result in suspension of payments.
It could be because you have attempted monetizing the videos that don't meet monetization criteria.
You have attempted monetization of videos you don't own. If you're not sure if you have the right to upload the content, check the Copyright FAQ.
Here we will guide you to enable monetization if disabled by YouTube.

Few Reasons could be:

1. First login to your Youtube Channel.

2. Now click on this link to check. If there is any copyright video on your account.

3. If you found any copyrighted video on the above link. I advice you to remove it instantly.

4. To check the status of monetization on your channel, go directly to the Status and features section.

youtube monetization

How to turn monetization back on?
You may be able to take steps to reinstate monetization.
Important note: Severe violations of our Partner Program Policies may result in monetization being permanently disabled.

All videos with Copyright strikes, Community guidelines strikes, wordlwide content ID blocks can be a reason of suspension of monetization on all your accounts.

If you have faced above mentioned reason or you own a video and it is done by mistake you can appeal for it

send us the following information via email
1. The complete and specific URL of the video or channel.
2. An electronic signature (typing your full legal name will do)


youtube seo
As all of we know that Youtube became the 2nd largest search engine in the world. It generates 92 billion page views each month. Even there are various ways to earn by uploading videos on YouTube. But uploading a video is not enough to get views. You have to learn Youtube SEO to get your video in Youtube search result or SERP. There are many freelancers or seo experts, who are uploading videos and keeping below given points in mind and earning by monetizing Youtube video view.
If you have uploaded a video on Youtube and you are not getting views. It might be possible because of inappropriate way of uploading. Here I will be sharing few tips to monetize and to get maximum views of your Youtube video by using few tips of Youtube SEO.
Before I go further, I would like to share that Youtube works on their own algorithm to rank your video in search. This is also the smartest and newest way to promote your brand, product, services or website. Now, follow some of the most important Youtube SEO tips, which will help you to get organic visits on your uploaded video.

1. Appropriate Title (Use of keyword)
Video title is the name of your video, we should have a title perfectly matched to our video. So that it comes in search y typing the main keyword. We should also add our main keyword in the title.
For example:
Main Keyword: How to learn seo
learn seo

So video should have a title "How to learn seo" and you can add few more words after/before the keyword. Remember not to have a big or spammy title or it should not have more than 1 keyword in the title. Video name should look attractive, brief and self explanatory.

2. Description in Video
We should always write 2-3 lines in our video description, however these lines should match our title and video content. If it will not match, there is no use of mentioning it. Doing it, you make your video perfect and there will be a more chance of your video to come in Youtube or Google search results.

3. Rename your video
Always remember to rename your video name before uploading on Youtube. Naming your video properly using focused keyword actually tells the search engine that what is there inside the video. Having a same name as your main keyword will give you the instant and quick result.

4. Use caption feature to boost your video
Using closed caption gives video the smartest to get index in SERP, since it has keyword written in there, also it will make your video Youtube SEO friendly to rank high in searches. If you are still confused, You can always take advantage of service like captions for Youtube, to create captions of video.

5. Exact Category Match
While uploading, go to Advanced settings. Keep in mind few point to be accurate
  • Category
  • Language
See attached screenshot
category youtube

6. Using of Tags
Tags are also important way to rank in youtube search, here are few tips to put tags in your video:
  • Write your main keyword first, doing this will put weight in algorithms.
  • Write general and matching keyword.
  • Go to keyword planner. And check related keywords and try to put which has maximum traffic as per tool.
  • Put singular and plural keywords both like: site, sites.

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