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same whatsapp different phones
As we all are aware about Whatsapp web. Using Whatsapp Web we can run same whatsapp account number in phone and PC, Desktop or Laptop at the same time.
However people are still curious to know how can they run same whatsapp number on two different phones. Today we are going to explain you the best way to run it. You only have to follow the steps given below.

How to use one WhatsApp account on two different mobile phones or devices?1. Go to play store Search for the app "Whats Web Pro" (Playstore Link here)
2. Install this app in the other mobile phone where you would like to run the same account
3. Now open Whatsapp in the first mobile phone, in which it is already installed and you are using it
4. Go to the Top right icon which has three dots. It will give you an option of Whatsapp Web
5. Click on Whatsapp Web
6. Now you only have to scan its QR code in "Whats Web Pro" App (New or other Phone) Where you have installed this app
7. Once scanning is complete, you can start using same whatsapp account in different phones

Still If you would like to inquire something, feel free to ask by commenting below. We will try to revert you as earliest as possible.

Youtube Video Uploading Error
Now a days most of the Vloggers are facing issue whenever they are trying to upload any video on YouTube. Video stuck while loading and processing. We were facing same issue since long tried several ways to sort it out, contacted support too however didn't get any relevant answer instead of FAQ's.
While trying lots of tip and tricks to solve the YouTube Video Uploading Error. We found the best way to upload any relevant video without loading issue.

We have got several queries related to the topic from around the world like:

  • Cannot upload a video, stuck on "Loading..."
  • Video stuck during upload
  • Videos taking a long time while uploading or that are stuck during upload
  • Anyone know why my uploader is stuck on "Loading?"
  • How to Fix YouTube Video Upload Stuck at 0% or 95% Processing?
  • What Do You Do When YouTube Freezes in the Middle of an Upload?
  • How can a fix Youtube video upload stuck on processing at 95%?
  • YouTube video does upload, but it can't process.
  • Video upload stuck at 60%
  • How to fix YouTube Uploader Error or Issue?
  • and many more...

After receiving these queries our team started working on it and found the easiest solution to solve it. You only have to follow few steps in order to start uploading video perfectly again.

STEPS TO FOLLOW: YouTube Video Uploading Stucks on Loading Error SOLVED 100%

1. Most of us are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari who are facing Youtube Video Uploading and Loading Issue
2. Download and Install Microsoft Edge Browser
3. Start Uploading Video from Microsoft Edge Browser and you won't find video loading or processing issue.
If you still face any issue you can connect with us by commenting below. Our team will try to revert you as earliest as possible.
Thanks You

earn from home
There are various ways to Earn from Home, however today I will be sharing all the Best ways to Make Money Online. After reading this post. I am sure every individual will be able to work as a freelancer apart from their regular job.

1. Earn with Fiverr (The best platform for professionals, who are expert in any technical aspect)
It’s good to have some extra income, which is apart your regular job. Now a days Earn From Home become very easy task for each individual. You just have to be proficient enough. There is a website, which offers the easiest way to Make Money Online. This website sells services, you can SIGNUP HERE and create your free account and start selling your services. It is very helpful for designers, developers, freelancers, SEO experts, PPC professionals, SEM etc. It is useful for every individual who has a knowledge of any technical language or product.

Categories to sell your services:
  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Gifts
  • Fun & Bizarre
  • Other

How to Make money with Fiverr?
Steps to follow:
1. Go to and create new account
2. Complete your profile with all the details required
3. Now login to your account and click on your profile name (Top Right)
4. There will be various option (Screenshot attached below)
5. Now click on Selling > Create Gig and Fill the details for your services, whatever you are planning to sell (Screenshot attached below)
fiverr create gig
6. Fill complete details as required.
7. You can create gigs as much as you can mentioning different services in the same account.
8. Here you will sell everything of $5, Howver you will get $4 for every sale. As Fiverr keep its commission of $1 on each sale.

Few Points to Consider before Selling on Fiverr
1. Always try to create unique gig. So that you will get maximum sales.
2. Before creating any new gig. Always search for the same content on the site.
Example: If you are a Graphic designer and selling Logo or Banner Creation service. Search for your competitors on the site and see their gig to evaluate yourself.

2. Earn with Microworkers (The Easiest Earnings)


Microworkers is a platform to earn from home by doing endless tasks. There are employers posting lots of online jobs on daily basis. You can work as much as you can. There is no limit. There are approximate 7,80,000 workers working and earning dollars. The tasks are so simple to execute. Like: Mostly you will find sign up, form filling task. 
Register for free now

1. Multiple and continues jobs at a same platform
2. Endless tasks to do
3. Variety for choice
4. No limit of Earnings

3. Earn by Blogging
Now a days anyone can become blogger, as everyone has a hidden talent, you just have to find your expertise to become a successful blogger. And Blogging is the best way to get huge amount of traffic to your blog and monetize the traffic into earnings.

Steps to follow:
1. Create your free blog or paid one. You can create free blogs at
How to create a free blog?
And there are lots of other sites. See this list here
2. Once blog is created make it look good and user friendly
3. Once you are done. Start posting content on your blog or site.
4. As soon as you start getting traffic to your website. It is a right time to monetize your site content by signing up with latest affiliate
native advertising.
See the list of Affiliate like Google Adsense Click here

5. Enjoy Earning by utilizing your efforts and creativity

4. Earn by Writing
It is a good news for content writers that instead of their regular job. They can earn by writing doing part time task. See the post below. Which will guide you every best way to do it.
Website pays Writers

5. Earn by Uploading and Sharing
 Upload Share and Earn is a main slogan for earning with these typ of sites. It is very easy to earning high by uploading and sharing the files on free file host. Here is the list to start executing your efforts and convert it into dollars.
Free File Host Sites

earn from home


So many people would not take a much look at their LinkedIn profile for improving & they restricts the boundary of their “Personal Real-World Brand”. And people usually often asked for examples of profiles with the help of that do the best job of showcasing their personal brand in the limited character assigned to you. It’s not a very difficult task. Perfect Professional headline are nothing but a short brief of your profile that are truly  transparent, real, differentiated & compelling.
Normally when we register our profile on LinkedIn with some of our information, LinkedIn creates an automatic headline for us. But I believe creating your own headline would be much more effective than the one we select from LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn headline in LinkedIn plays a major role. Always treat it like the headline of an advertisement. Its help the viewer determine whether they want to read it or not. If your headline is little more than your job title, it will not do much to engage the reader, and it makes you interchangeable with anyone else who shares that same job title. If you don’t create your own headline, LinkedIn will automatically set your current job title by default – and that’s a big snooze.

When someone is checking you out your profile, the four most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile are:
•    Headline
•    Headshot
•    Summary
•    Background

Tips to Write a Prefect Headline:

Job title/company + Keywords + Zing!

•    First list down all your personal traits commandments on a paper or a notepad like Job title or Company name.
•    Choose the top 5 component i.e. Zing, is something that makes you interesting and makes others want to get to know you does all that with just 120 characters. Your zing is there to help you stand out from the race. It depicts how you do what you do, as well as the value you create when you do it.
•    Tailor it to your audience i.e. customize it to your audience is the most essential part of it.
•    Language used should be Industry specific language.
•    Keywords play a very essential role in it. Assimilating the keywords related to your services your will help you in offer to get traced fast on the LinkedIn search option.
•    Always mention your designation as that is essential keyword for to many searches and generate a perception for the person trying to reach you.
•    Try to avoid Hyperbole!!

Buying YouTube Views: Safe or Not? (It's Time To Know)
There is no denying that YouTube is one of the online media that has created a huge impact on the lives of millions. As a matter of fact, most people cannot leave the day without visiting their own Facebook pages for some reasons. Well, there are indeed so many advantages that this social networking channel has contributed to the world.

youtube views

One of which is in the aspect of brand marketing. Businesses use this site as a medium for their promotional campaigns on the internet. Now, if you are an online entrepreneur, should you buy YouTube views or not? Keep reading to know the pros and cons of purchasing YouTube views.

What Are The Advantage of Buying Views?

Large Number of Users
Whether you are just watching few random video or actively socializing in the site, it is safe to claim that there are millions of users enjoying it too. Take note that it isn’t just a mere social network or even a video hosting site. YouTube is a large sea of information, as well as entertainment, bombarded with funny weirdos, everyday kids, etc.

Try imagining more than a hundred million of active Facebook aficionados regularly making activities on the site. Now, try imagining how popular and viable your brand can be if the largest percentage (if not all) of this online population has been counted as ‘views’ in favor of your label. That is something that would increase the popularity of your brand and earn real followers, which, in turn, would allow you to develop loyal customers.

Improved Stats
You know that when a brand has been ‘watched’ by a lot of people, everyone tends to get along with the hype. Obviously, when your site multiplies the number of views, your stats and online presence get stronger. There is a big difference between a site/brand/product with 1 million views and likes and those that only reach 10,000 likes in the average, especially in terms of marketability.

If you are particularly targeting a specific marketplace, clicks from these marketplaces will make your brand more and more popular and closer to potential clients. As your channel grow larger, your site’s statistical positions in the online world get higher. Needless to say, this would result in greater possibilities of placing your brand on par with or ahead among top competitors.

Making your brand highly-competitive in the market may not be that easy. For this reason, you should be using effective ways on how to make that possible, and one of them is to buy YouTube views.

buy youtube views

It has been documented that YouTube generally base a certain part of their algorithm on the view count of their video. The more views you had, the better ranking you will get. When you have a better ranking, it means that your video has the chance to go viral. This is becoming more significant since YouTube keeps on growing. Hence, a lot of businesses buy YouTube views to above the competition.

Kickstart The Success You’ve Been Longing For

We all know that it wasn’t easy to catch up at first for videos. Not unless you’re already a sensational internet celebrity, there is a possibility that you’ll be ignored or bashed. As soon as the service kicks in, your YouTube video has a better opportunity to get noticed by real users.
You can always expect that you would get what you pay for. This would give you peace of mind knowing that your needs would be catered the way they should be. This would guarantee you satisfaction more than what you expect. Buy YouTube views and count on the benefits it could give. 

So What Is The Disadvantage?

You might garner an irrelevant audience
There are instances that the purchased YouTube views aren’t from people who like to buy your service or product. They are either paid employees or bots, neither of them will make a purchase. This may result to a sloping of your numbers on the conversion of views. However, if you know how to subtract the number of purchase, then you could easily get an accurate number.

Final Words
Since the majority of the people are devoting their time in using YouTube to be updated on the latest trend around the globe, this opens the gate for many businesses to move towards the next level of development and growth. Reading web content is not anymore that productive since people prefer to watch a video advertisement. To buy YouTube views can be considered one of the best solutions for those businesses that are just starting out or need some improvement. If you are one of those business owners, who are struggling to have brand recognition, seek advice first and weigh things beforehand to maximize the potential of your social media marketing strategy. 

Author Bio:
Katherine Lane is a content writer for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on YouTube Marketing. With her expertise, she understands the essence and importance of such. Thus, integrating her skills in the field of content writing to help individuals and businesses that are into YouTube niche.

star rating google search

Every website owner want to get stars under the website in search engine results. Today you will be amazed to know that you can do integrate it very easily. And make you search results more powerful and authoritative.
Whenever you see a website in SERP with stars rating. You automatically consider that site to be more trustworthy. Thus it increases unique traffic to your product or services.
Here we will give you the simplest way How to get Star Ratings in Google Search Results? So without wasting a time lets start to guide you all.
You should have little bit techie to implement it. Once you will update it. It will look like the image given below.

You have to paste the below given code to your index file above </body> Tag

<!-- Code Starts -->
<div style='display:none'>
<span itemscope='' itemtype=''> 
<span itemprop='rating' itemscope='' itemtype=''> 
<span id='ratingValue' itemprop='average'>4.8</span> /
<span itemprop='best'>5.0</span> </span>How to Learn SEO
<span id='totalClient' itemprop='votes'>2500</span>+ 
<span itemprop='itemreviewed'></span> clients on
<span itemprop='count'>3200</span>+ Projects.</span>
<!-- Code Ends -->

Don't forget to change the bold green words with your website details.
Once you’re done, make sure to follow these steps:

1. Login to your Google Webmasters
2. Check whether you have placed a code correctly or not using Google's Structured Data Testing Tool
3. Enter the URL where you have uploaded a code
4. On the right hand side of the screen you see an option of Review-aggregate. If it is showing 0 ERRORS 0 WARNINGS. It means you have placed a code correctly. (Check screenshot for clarifications)
google rating

5. Resubmit your XML sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools to ensure that Google indexes the changes
6. Check your success in a week or so by searching on search engines

youtube verified badge

How to get Youtube Verified Checkmark on the account?
Whenever you see verified sign on YouTube channel. It means the author of the account is established and genuine. Thus he get more subscription than others.
This is why YouTube gives verified badge to the channel which has more than 100000 subscribers.
Once you reach here. You can contact YouTube to update the check mark by contacting them.

Read more here

Hope this tutorial will help you to get it.


How to Re-Enable Monetization on my Youtube Channel?
If monetization is disabled for your YouTube channel, it could be because of several reasons. Any of these actions could result in suspension of payments.
It could be because you have attempted monetizing the videos that don't meet monetization criteria.
You have attempted monetization of videos you don't own. If you're not sure if you have the right to upload the content, check the Copyright FAQ.
Here we will guide you to enable monetization if disabled by YouTube.

Few Reasons could be:

1. First login to your Youtube Channel.

2. Now click on this link to check. If there is any copyright video on your account.

3. If you found any copyrighted video on the above link. I advice you to remove it instantly.

4. To check the status of monetization on your channel, go directly to the Status and features section.

youtube monetization

How to turn monetization back on?
You may be able to take steps to reinstate monetization.
Important note: Severe violations of our Partner Program Policies may result in monetization being permanently disabled.

All videos with Copyright strikes, Community guidelines strikes, wordlwide content ID blocks can be a reason of suspension of monetization on all your accounts.

If you have faced above mentioned reason or you own a video and it is done by mistake you can appeal for it

send us the following information via email
1. The complete and specific URL of the video or channel.
2. An electronic signature (typing your full legal name will do)


people who like fan page
If you are an Admin, You will be able to see Who has liked my Facebook Fan Page. It is an easy task to do, you just have to follow the given below steps.

1. Login to Facebook account (as yourself)
2. Using your Facebook Page (You should be Admin, otherwise you will not able to see who liked your Facebook Fan Page)
3. Click on “Settings”
4. Click on “People and Other Pages” link
5. Than from the Drop down select "People who like this page"
(Follow the screenshot)

Hope this will help!

You can also learn How to Merge Facebook Duplicate Fan Pages

Facebook Secrets
Most of the people in the World are regular and frequent users of Facebook. Still they don't know much about its features instead of adding/deleting friends, update status or profile, posting on wall, creating Fan page, group or event etc.
Here I will be covering some great features or You can say Top Facebook Secrets for marketing and other purposes. If you would like to share any new Facebook Tips or Tricks, kindly leave a comment. I will update it very soon.

1. How to Invite All Friends to Like Your Fan Page on a Single Click?
You have to install a chrome extension from here to Invite all friends to like your friends. Once it is added to chrome successfully. Open the Fan Page and Click on "Invite friends to like this Page" which you will find under the Likes count. And Click on "Select All"
Invite All Friends for Fan Page

You will get this option only when the above given extension is installed.

2. How to Add All Friends to Facebook Group at once?
It seems the difficult task to add all friends to Facebook group at once however now you don't have to worry as you can do it on a single click. Just install this Chrome extension from here
You should be the Admin of the group otherwise this extension won't work.
Add Friends to Group

Open Group and just click on the icon (See the image above)

3. How to Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page?
It is the easiest task to do however still people are now aware about it. To Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page, You have to login on Desktop or Laptop. This feature doesn't support on Mobile.
Open the Fan Page Post and Click on the Post Likes Count. There will be a new pop up.
Invite Post Like Users

Now you just have to scroll down and click Invite one by one.

4. How to verify Facebook Fan Page for Blue Check Mark?
This feature is only available for famous personality, celebrity, brand or company. However still you can try to apply. You don't have to pay a single penny for it. More details here

5. How to Merge Facebook Duplicate Fan Pages?
It is possible now to merge duplicate or two pages to one. Read more here

6. How to Change Facebook Fan Page Name or Username After 200 Likes?
Now you can change the username or name of fan page anytime. Click here to know more.

7. How to Download Facebook Photo Albums?
DownAlbum Facebook Photo Album Downloader allows you to download your friends facebook albums, Events albums, and Group Albums at once.

8. How to Schedule Automatic Facebook Messages?
Sendible lets you schedule Facebook messages for marketing or personal purpose. It is the finest app to track every activity of campaigns, post etc.

9. How to block Facebook Advertisements?
If you want to remove any specific ad you can always click on the X on the top right corner of every ad.
You can not remove all the ads. As Facebook itself is concern about users privacy and interest. Thus it always show the relevant ads to you.

10. How do I report an ad I see on Facebook?
You are authorized to report any suspicious or illegal ad you see on FB. You have to fill a small form and send it to support. And they will revert you soon.

11. How to Sync Your Facebook Contacts in an Android?
- Goto Menu > Settings > Account & Sync
- Click on Facebook. If you don’t see Facebook in the list of accounts it is likely that you haven’t yet added your Facebook account to your Android Accounts – Click at the bottom of the screen and do it now.
- Select the “Sync contacts” option
- Click “Sync Now”
Once you complete this step. You will be able to see all your friends contact in your Phone Contacts.

12. How to Import Facebook Contacts to Yahoo Mail?
- Login to Yahoo mail account
- Click on the Address book > Import contacts > Importing contacts from Facebook Tab (Follow Screenshots)
sync facebook yahoo

sync facebook contacts

import contacts to yahoo

13. How to search someone using mobile phone number on FB?
Yes, it is possible to search a person using mobile number. In the Search box type the number starting with 0 or 91 and hit search.

14. How to restrict any specific friend seeing your FB profile posts or activities?
Yes, You can restrict any specific person seeing your post or updates. Go to this link and See Restricted List and click on Edit List tab on the right. Add a person name and You are done.

15. How to see hidden messages on Facebook?
FB is very concerned about person security. Thus they have a automatic option that if Facebook crawlers find message to be spam, it goes to a different place. And most of the people doesn't know about it.
So it very simple Click on Message Tab > More > Filtered Messages (Screenshot below for more explanation)
facebook messages secret

Do you have something more, Please leave comments

make money on fiverr
Fiverr is the only platform available on internet where professionals or freelancer can earn huge every month. It is the simplest way to make money with Fiverr
This website sells services at $5 Like: 

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Business Plans
  • Career Advice
  • Market Research
  • Presentations
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Business Tips
  • Branding Services
  • Financial Consulting
  • Legal Consulting
  • Lifestyle and Gifts
  • Fun & Bizarre

and many more categories to work on...

Thus It is possible for every individual to earn up to $500 to $1500 every month on Fiverr, but you need to follow below given steps:

How to Make Money with Fiverr?
You sale everything on Fiverr of $5, however you earn $4 on each sale. As Fiverr keeps its commission on each sale delivered.
Still it has the most potentials customers in a huge quantity. So don't worry once you start creating Gigs. You will start earning instantly.

1. Go to
2. Sign up by filling complete details
3. You profile should look authentic and Genuine. So complete the profile by uploading your photograph or pic.
4. For each service you have to create a new Gig.
5. Now questions comes in mind. How to create a Gig? Don't worry I will explain it.

How to Create a Gig on Fiverr?
1. Login using your credentials
2. Once you are logged in. On the Top right you will see your profile name and icon. Move your cursor on the thumbnail and you will see a dropdown menu.
3. Click on Sale > Create a Gig (See screenshot below)
create a gig

4. After clicking on the tab. You will see a form. In which you will see below given details
TITLE GIG:  The title of your service. It should be simple and attractive.
CATEGORY:  Select appropriate category
DESCRIPTION:  Describe your product in 120 characters
LABELS:  Put proper tags or keywords (At least 3 tags)
gig form

5. Click on Save and Continue
6. Once clicked on above tab. Follow more steps. And your Gig will go for approval to Admin.
7. Once Gig will be approved you will start getting sales.

For any concerns or questions. Kindly comment below

Upload Share Earn
There are many freelancers looking for extra income. I will be sharing the method, where you don't have to effort much. You can Earn by uploading Files. Upload, Share and Earn Sites List will help you to make money online without investing a single penny.
Yes it is possible, you can upload any file like game, software, movie or song etc. on any of these site and promote it on social networks. You will get paid every time, user or visitor will download the uploaded file.

Upload Share and Earn Sites List

1. FileBucks
Upload your files and earn money every time they are downloaded. It really does pay to share the FileBucks.

Other Features:
  • Minimum payout is 10$!
  • Payments are executed within 1 day after payout request!
  • We offer 500MB of space for your to upload all your files without fear of running out!
  • We offer in depth statistics & tracking so you can see exactly how much your earning!
  • Help is on hand with our 24/7 support!
  • Payouts are processed quickly & securely via PayPal!

2. ShareCash
Sharecash is a revolutionary website that pays you real cash every time your files are downloaded. It is the highest paying Pay-Per-Download network around. Register now and earn over $1.00 every time your file is downloaded.

Other Features:
  • Highest payout
  • Innovative Tools
  • Quick Support
  • Flexible payments
  • In-depth reporting

ziddu is one of the leading free cloud storage platforms. The company offers free file hosting as well as secured cloud services across all media. It provides digital wallet apart from free cloud storage to its users, where the users can recharge their mobiles, buy e-commerce vouchers, game DLC and send money from one ziddu wallet to other ziddu wallet.

Other Features:
  • Minimum Payout $10
  • Awesome support
  • Quick Reports

youtube seo
As all of we know that Youtube became the 2nd largest search engine in the world. It generates 92 billion page views each month. Even there are various ways to earn by uploading videos on YouTube. But uploading a video is not enough to get views. You have to learn Youtube SEO to get your video in Youtube search result or SERP. There are many freelancers or seo experts, who are uploading videos and keeping below given points in mind and earning by monetizing Youtube video view.
If you have uploaded a video on Youtube and you are not getting views. It might be possible because of inappropriate way of uploading. Here I will be sharing few tips to monetize and to get maximum views of your Youtube video by using few tips of Youtube SEO.
Before I go further, I would like to share that Youtube works on their own algorithm to rank your video in search. This is also the smartest and newest way to promote your brand, product, services or website. Now, follow some of the most important Youtube SEO tips, which will help you to get organic visits on your uploaded video.

1. Appropriate Title (Use of keyword)
Video title is the name of your video, we should have a title perfectly matched to our video. So that it comes in search y typing the main keyword. We should also add our main keyword in the title.
For example:
Main Keyword: How to learn seo
learn seo

So video should have a title "How to learn seo" and you can add few more words after/before the keyword. Remember not to have a big or spammy title or it should not have more than 1 keyword in the title. Video name should look attractive, brief and self explanatory.

2. Description in Video
We should always write 2-3 lines in our video description, however these lines should match our title and video content. If it will not match, there is no use of mentioning it. Doing it, you make your video perfect and there will be a more chance of your video to come in Youtube or Google search results.

3. Rename your video
Always remember to rename your video name before uploading on Youtube. Naming your video properly using focused keyword actually tells the search engine that what is there inside the video. Having a same name as your main keyword will give you the instant and quick result.

4. Use caption feature to boost your video
Using closed caption gives video the smartest to get index in SERP, since it has keyword written in there, also it will make your video Youtube SEO friendly to rank high in searches. If you are still confused, You can always take advantage of service like captions for Youtube, to create captions of video.

5. Exact Category Match
While uploading, go to Advanced settings. Keep in mind few point to be accurate
  • Category
  • Language
See attached screenshot
category youtube

6. Using of Tags
Tags are also important way to rank in youtube search, here are few tips to put tags in your video:
  • Write your main keyword first, doing this will put weight in algorithms.
  • Write general and matching keyword.
  • Go to keyword planner. And check related keywords and try to put which has maximum traffic as per tool.
  • Put singular and plural keywords both like: site, sites.

twitter unfollow tools
Twitter Unfollow Tool is the most popular marketing promotional tools, Twitter plays a vital role to promote blog or product. And it is very essential for bloggers. When you follow people to increase your followers. There are many from them, who dont follow you back. Thus these Free Twitter Marketing Tools will help you to unfollow non followers.
There are 10 Twitter unfollow tools mentioned in this post and most of them are free up to some limit. So its always advisable to increase followers, so that you can promote your website and get huge amount of traffic via twitter.
Without wasting a time, let me describe all the Twitter tools in details. Here are 12 Best Twitter Marketing Tools.

1. Crowdfireapp
Alexa Rank - 6,988 (Global)
Looking for a Social media engagement tool to grow? Crowdfire is one of the online marketing tools where you can have social media strategy and marketing plans.

2. Manageflitter
Alexa Rank - 19,048 (Global)
ManageFlitter is a critically acclaimed set of Twitter Tools loved by over 3 million people. Unfollow, Follow, Bio Search & Analytics.

3. Socialoomph
Alexa Rank – 26,779 (Global)
Boost your social media productivity -- it doesn't have to be a manual time-consuming process! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and! Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity! Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied users today!

4. Tweepi
Alexa Rank – 33,886 (Global)
Get more Twitter followers fast with Tweepi's Twitter marketing tools. Get More Twitter Followers with Tweepi's Twitter Tools. 1 Million + people trust Tweepi to engage users, gain Twitter followers and grow their brands.

5. Friendorfollow
Alexa Rank – 34,137 (Global)
Manage your Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr followers, find out who unfollowed you and who's not following you back, sort and filter your followers, and more.

6. UnfollowerStats
Alexa Rank – 43,596 (Global)
Unfollower Stats :: This is a free to use third party twitter app to track unfollowers & unfollow them. Who unfollowed me on twitter!

7. UnfollowSpy
Alexa Rank – 63,110 (Global)
Twitter management tool for seeing who follows, unfollows, locate people who dont follow back and much more.

8. Follower Filter
Alexa Rank – 121,870 (Global)
Follower Filter
Follower Filter is a critically acclaimed set of Twitter Tools. Unfollow, Follow, Twitter Search & Analytics. It is used by lots of bloggers and web masters to promote their own product or site.

9. iUnfollow
Alexa Rank – 330,609 (Global)
Discover and unfollow twitter users who are not following you. It's the easiest twitter unfollow tool on the net.

10. Untweeps
Alexa Rank – 377,042 (Global)
Unfollow inactive Twitter users using your secure Twitter login. It helps to optimize your account in a better way.

11. Twitter Karma
Alexa Rank – 493,133 (Global)
Twitter Karma
Tweeter Karma (formerly Twitter Karma) is a tool for managing your Twitter friends and followers, providing ways of sorting and filtering them as well as simplifying the process of following people back.

12. Brandchirp
Alexa Rank – 1,105,488 (Global)
BrandChirp is the No. 1 solution for brand management on Twitter. Effectively monitor, manage and resolve all brand activity. Establish new connections and reach a bigger audience with our one of a kind target follow feature.

Every day the world’s most respected brands depend on BrandChirp for their Twitter Marketing and monitoring needs. The top choice for social media marketers and website owners.

Gmail HD Wallpaper
1. Purchase a custom domain name. From Godaddy or any other.

2. Visit the Google Apps site here.

3. Click “Start Free Trial” and then enter your basic information in the steps that follow to create your account.

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4. You’ll have the option to set up your account the “Express” or “Custom” way. I recommend Express — it’s really quick!

5. Now you need to “verify” your domain name. The easiest way in my opinion, is to “insert an HTML tag into your site’s home page” — easier than it sounds, promise. :) To do this, you need to copy a provided code into your website’s <head> section. Many WordPress themes, such as Headway and Genesis, have a space for this (in Headway, it’s under Headway>>Options >>Scripts/Analytics>>Header Scripts). If you can’t find it, then there’s a plugin you can install here that will provide an easy-to-edit <head> section. Then, just copy the code that Google provides in that section.
6. Click “verify”

7. Once you’re done, login to your Google Apps account and click “Users.” There, you’ll see the option to add new users (i.e. custom email addresses!). Adding new users is $5 per user, per month or $50 for the year. This is totally worth it to me.

8. That’s it! You’re done! Enjoy!



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