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Are these 6 Top Traffic Bots divert Unlimited site visitors?

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There are lots of traffic generation sources available online. Today we are sharing the list of Top Traffic Bots in order to give you the right infomation. Every individual gets in confusion to buy the genuine one. Here we have experienced and tested few Website Top Traffic Bot. Most of them have a feature to grab and scrub proxies, so that you always get google analytics safe visitors only to rank it in SERP results. These will have user friendly interface. Thus a newbie can run and start diverting traffic. You get millions of visits and impressions from all around the world. You also have aright to scrape the proxies list. So lets not wait and start exploring the list of Top 6+ Traffic Bots.


1. TrafficBot
This TrafficBot can generate over 12 million impressions for any site. They deliver high quality traffic to meet all your needs. If you are after big numbers, they can deliver millions of visits per month. They also provide 100% human visits for your campaign.

  • Maximum Active Threads* 100
  • Estimated monthly visits 600k
  • Navigation Funnels
  • Custom Browser String
  • Google Analytics Safe
  • Alexa Ranking Boost

2. SparkTraffic
SparkTraffic generates genuine visits from all geos (countries). It improves Alexa rank of any site if executed for long run. We can maintain bounce rate, time duration (visit) on site and many more extra ordinary features. Thus it is the second top traffic bot among all.

  • Maintain Bounce rate according to your need
  • Adjust visit duration on website
  • and lots more
This traffic bot generates millions of visitors for your blog or site to rank on Alexa. It provides google analytics safe traffic.

3. Babylontraffic.com
Start creating your first campaign now with an easy to understand interface and send unique traffic to website. You only have to mention the site URL, the number of visitors you want, Select the targeted country and press Start. And Traffic Bot will show your instant tremendous performance.


  • No software, as we are on a cloud
  • Free Proxies, Sit and Relax
  • All GEOs, Dozens of countries
  • Works on all sites or blogs
  • Analytics & Graphes to see how bots works
  • Best WYSIWYG interface
  • Awesome customer support
  • User Friendly interface
  • No commitment, monthly billing
  • Instant Buy traffic in bulk
  • Improve your site metrics
  • High Quality traffic, Top Geo's
  • Millions of satisfied customers

4. TrafficExploder
Traffic Exploder is a bot, allows you to Dominate website traffic. This bot will boost your site by increasing the genuine visitors, impressions, views and decreasing bounce rate. Traffic will come continuously flow from any GEO, selected by you only. You have a right to select the country.

This Traffic Bot can do for you... 
  • Helps in decresing bounce rate 
  • Can Increase impressions 
  • Get Unique Visitors 
  • Lower down Alexa 
  • Work as Reseller and Sell Traffic to others for an easy income 
  • Sell high-traffic sites 
  • and much more....
  • Enter an URL
  • Deep link clicking feature
  • Proxy Finding/Testing
  • Thread Control
  • Run Multiple URLs
  • No Limit, Unlimited Views
  • Proxy Harvester to grab proxies
  • Proxy Scrubbing to check authentic
  • Random Pause Intervals
  • Timeout Control (Autopilot)
  • Thread Control Anytime
  • Easy to use, Start in seconds
  • Detailed Analytics, Progress Bar and Statistics 

5. TrafficDemon
TrafficDemon can start an endless stream of authentic visitors from all around the world in just matter of seconds. You have right to control the desired location. It's as simple as filling out the forms, clicking 'Start' or 'Run'.


  • Unlimited URLs At Once
  • Set Volume To Send Per URL
  • No Limit, Generate Unlimited Traffic
  • Multithreading at a time
  • Randomized Referring Websites
  • Full Public and Private Proxy Support
  • Traffic Logs
  • Randomly Visit Other Pages
  • Multiple User-Agent Options
  • Allow/Disallow Images (Saves Bandwidth)
  • Allow/Disallow JavaScript
  • Randomized Visit Timings

6. TopTrafficBot
Traffic Generation & Automation, Made Easy...
This Top Traffic Bot is the new way to generate high-retention visits and automate repetitive tasks with ease. Generate Traffic and views on blog, website and videos using this Unlimited Website Traffic Generator.

  • Generate Website Visits 
  • Boost Blog Visits 
  • Increase Video Views 
  • Multi threaded Operation 
  • Smart Proxy Support 
  • Intelligent Coding Interface
We have reviewed every possible features of the traffic bots given above in the list. Thus you will not have any problem in selecting the top one.
Bot Traffic is considered to be the no human visits to your site. However these Top Traffic Bots given above deliver human traffic. And it is 100% analytics safe. They provide you impressions which can be beneficial for your website performance. Bots are the software which run automatically and doesn't require much efforts or knowledge. Most of these Top Traffic Bots also delivers exchanging visitors and impressions. That's why it delivers genuine and unique visitors all the time. There is no limit of number.It only depends on your budget. You will grab unlimited amount of traffic by using these Top Traffic Bots. There are two types of bots to select from or available online. Good Bot and Bad Bot, So always get traffic from good bot in order to rank fast. Otherwise site can be penalized.

We have lots of references who are using these Top Traffic bots and generating thousands of impressions on daily basis for thousand of sites.
We have analyzed their performance by using those personally. We got several feedback from its customer. Thus came on a conclusion to rank them accordingly.
Ranked on scale of features which are as follows:

  • Price& value
  • Authenticity & Genuinity
  • Customer support
  • Safety
  • Quality
Few of them also providing free test visits. You should always try before buying. Thus you will not be in dilemma before purchasing the correct one. There are lots of other bot which we have not mentioned in the list. However the list of Top Traffic Bots is enough you to select the authentic one.

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