Malware that Auto Install any Android App to your Phone

android malware
How to uninstall Malware from Your Android Device or Phone?
Android malware doesn't harm your phone every time, however it can choke your mobile phone internet data or wireless bandwidth by installing unusual apps automatically again and again without any notice or pop up.
There are various types of Android Malware, some of are mentioned below:

Here we will tell you to uninstall Android Malware from Your Phone. Kindly follow the steps to make your phone alive again.

From Apps Manager
1. Go to Settings > Apps Manager
2. There will be 3 tab on the top DOWNLOADED | RUNNING | ALL
3. Go to All and find above mentioned malware by scrolling down
4. Click on any of these malware and try uninstalling them. If you are not able to uninstall. Just Clear Cache, Click on Force Stop and Disable it.
android malwares

Reboot in Safe Mode
Depending on your phone, the process of booting into Safe Mode may vary. For most devices, simply bring up the power menu and long-press the "Power Off" entry, then you'll be asked if you'd like to boot into Safe Mode. Press "OK" on this popup, then the phone or tablet should automatically reboot. Don't forget to backup your phone following any of these steps.
Once you are in Safe mode, Go to settings > Apps and try uninstalling the malware now. Now reboot your device again to use your phone.

If Problem still persist. Factory reset you phone after taking complete backup.

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