Chinese Hackers won $215,000 for Hacking iPhone and Google Nexus

chinese hacker
It sounds weird, however still it is a truth that one of the Chinese hackers team won the price of $215,000 for hacking iPhone and Google Nexus at Mobile Pwn2Own 2016.
The Tencent Keen Security Lab Team participated in the contest to hack iPhone and Google Nexus in the 2016 Mobile Pwn2Own, contest run by Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) in Tokyo, Japan.
These mobile phones considered to be more secured and private. Still this team was able to crack and bypass every security.

Hacking Google's Nexus 6P
For hacking the Nexus 6P, the Keen Lab Team used a combination of two vulnerabilities and other weaknesses in Android and managed to install a rogue application on the Google Nexus 6P phone without user interaction. This can help Google to upgrade Android.

Hacking iPhone 6S
For hacking Apple's iPhone 6S, Keen Lab exploited and found two major iOS vulnerabilities.
1. A use-after-free bug in the renderer
2. A memory corruption flaw in the sandbox, which can result to stole pictures from the device,
There was also the biggest incident happened last year, when an anonymous hacking team hacked iCould and leaked the images, videos of many famous celebrities on internet.
Thus this could be the win situation for iPhone that they came to know about vulnerabilities. And now they can come over it in their next versions.

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