Zebpay Review

zebpay review
Zebpay is the first Bitcoin exchanging app in India. It is available for Android and iOs. Even i starting buying and selling bitcoins using Zebpay.

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This app has lots of fantastic features, Zebpay Review are as follows:
1. You can check the buying or selling price any time.
2. You can buy bitcoins from any part of the world.
3. They have the best exchanging rates among all.
4. User friendly interface.
5. Transfer rate of btc is very quick and fast.
6. Customer more than 400000+

How to buy or sell bitcoin?
1. Install the app on Android or iOs device.
2. Signup and fill the complete details.
3. Once you are done by filling Bank details. Zebpay will verify your bank. This process can take few days.
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4. Now add Zebpay Bank account as a beneficiary using your netbanking.
5. Click on deposit tab to buy bitcoins and enter the amount desired. Now you have to transfer the same amount to Zebpay bank account using your netbanking.
6. After transfering you have to enter the transaction number in the app to verify the transfer.
7. This transaction number will be in your netbanking.
8. Now once they are finsihed verifying transfer amount. They will send you bit into your app wallet instantly.

Hope this tutorial helped you. Dont forget to apply Zebpay Promo Code to get free bitcoins.
Promo Code :  REF88659303

As per the Zebpay Review given above. This is the fastest and best platform for exchanging btc. Thus they have the maximum users using it.

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