Mozilla Firefox launches Extensions work with Chrome

Firefox Extensions
Mozilla Firefox Foundation has decided to update their add-on and extension making it more capable and user-friendly. Firefox is on # 3 Best browser for windows and mobile.

Firefox is upgrading whit these features:
1. Integration of new technologies like Electrolysis and Servo
2. Protection from Adware and Spyware
3. Shortening the time it takes to review add-ons

According to Mozilla, functionalities that are being brought with the help of modifications in Firefox Add-ons are:
1. Introducing a Powerful add-on WebExtensions API
2. Add-on and extension for signing in
3. Deprecation of XUL, XPCOM, and the permissive add-on model
4. Multi-process Firefox and Add-ons by implementing the Electrolysis project

WebExtension Application Programming Interface (API), which is widely used by the Chrome and Opera browsers for developing plugins that can be accessed across various platforms.
With this API, developers should be able to enable Firefox to serve as a cross-platform browser too, by making the same extension available on Firefox and Chrome with a minimal number of changes.

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