Hacking Facebook Account with Reconnect Tool

Hacking Facebook Account with Reconnect Tool
Hacking Facebook Account
A security researchers have found new bug in Facebook to Hack an account with reconnect Tool. Hackers take over Facebook accounts on websites that leverage 'Login with Facebook' feature.
The vulnerability does not give access to get Facebook account password, however it allows with limited features like: application developed by third-party websites such as Vimeo, Bit.ly, About.me, Stumbleupon, Angel.co and there are many more.
This bug was found over a year ago, however Facebook refused to fix this vulnerability because it will effect thousands of websites over the internet, who are using this feature.
There are three ways to Hack Facebook account using Reconnect tool or Login as Facebook feature:
1. Facebook log in
2. Facebook log out

3. Third-party account connection
The first two features can be fixed by Facebook, however the third feature should be fixed by the website owner. Because website owner is using Login as Facebook plugin and he is only authorised to make changes on it.

Hack Facebook Account
The hacking tool which is called as Reconnect tool has bee published on several Blackhat websites.
However, any website that supports 'Login with Facebook' can be hacked by manually inserting its link into the tool that generates Facebook login requests on behalf of its users.

Hacking Facebook
How to protect yourself being hacked?
The website where you will find login tab. Be aware before clicking on it. As it could be the phishing tab to get your account details.
Facebook says it has been aware of the issue for some time now and that third-party sites can protect their users by utilizing Facebook's best practices when using the Facebook sign-in feature.

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