How To Unlock or Recover data from Broken or Cracked Locked Screen?

Recover data
How To Unlock or Recover data from Broken or Cracked Locked Screen Android Phone
I know, whoever is reading this thread is very upset or worried to unlock or recover data from broken or cracked locked screen android phone. Don't worry, you are right place. Only 2 steps will make you life little bit more happier by unlocking your android device with broken or locked screen. I will be sharing the best and easy way to do it. So lets start, without wasting time....

Steps to follow:
1. To unlock or recover data from your broken screen android phone, you don't need any tool to download or any other software. You just need a device. You can buy this device from Amazon. I will be sharing the direct link to buy it. It doesn't cost much. It is for only $1.5 or Rs.95. Click below link to buy it.

Screenshot of Device
2. Once you get it. You just need to insert one port in the phone and other USB port with you mouse. Now you can unlock your mobile phone using USB mouse, access your phone data and copy it in your PC.

Hope this trick worked for your as this is the easiest option to do it.

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