Latest SMO Update 2020

SMO Update
Latest SMO Update 2020
What's new in Social Media Optimization (SMO) ?
There are few important and latest SMO updates in 2020. These updates will help you to bring traffic to your web page or blog and also help you to rank your website in Google Search result or other search engine.

1. Google Twitter Partnership:
This is the latest SMO update that Google will shortly return more real time social media content to its search results because of a new Google Twitter partnership. Google will be indexing Twitter data in the SERP.
Twitter links to your on-site content will be found more and drive traffic + engagement and interaction. Google will likely also consider these links as part of your backlink profile and this could benefit your overall rankings.

2. Facebook launching its own Search Engine:
Facebook is launching its own in app search engine. This search engine is capable of crawling the web and retrieving content for Facebook users without the need for them to visit Google. Facebook will crawl trillion indexed posts that users have shared on the network. So it will be the biggest SMO update of 2019 till now.

3. Instagram update
At the beginning of June, Instagram announced plans to launch InstaAds which will be labeled as "Sponsored". These ads will work to promote your brand on Instagram.

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