How to get a verified Twitter account

Verified Twitter Account
How to Get a Verified Twitter Account?
Six easy steps for getting a verified Twitter account

Step 1: Determine If you qualify for Verified Twitter account by reading Twitter Terms & Conditions

Step 2: Put a Twitter Follow account on your website

Step 3: Contact Twitter by filling up the form
            Request to verify an account
(Read carefully all the points)

 Step 4: Submit the form by entering your Twitter Username and Password
            Be sure to have the following information ready:
            1. Account name
            2. Full name
            3. Location
            4. Official website (you will be given a suggestion to put the   Twitter logo or badge on your official website to speed up verification)
            5. Bio information (your 160 character profile summary)
            6. Primary contact name (you or the individual who manages the account)
            7. Additional contact information

Step 4: Once you send the complete information as mentioned above. Twitter Support will contact you immediately

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