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Importance of Question & Answer Websites in SEO/SMO:
Question & Answer websites rank pretty well in organic search results. These websites are already highly on-page optimized for the main keywords, questions from these websites are well engaged by the users with continuously updations. In order to rank fast, you can simply search for the most relevant questions related to your keywords and start feeding that question with useful answers metioning your website link within the text in a relevant context. This is how, you can drive some really targeted and unique traffic and increase your backlinks profile. It's better to start with high rank Questions & Answers websites, since they already have a huge amount of traffic. Best high rank websites are as follows.


  1. Askeet - Ask & answer it
  2. AnswerBag - Ask Questions and Get Answers
  3. Answers - Answers for Your & Me
  4. Ask - Q&A Community
  5. Ask - Ask and Answer
  6. AskmeHelpDesk - Ask me help desk
  7. Metafilter - Community Weblog
  8. Askbot - Create your Q&A Forum
  9. Askville - Ask questions & Find answers
  10. Blurtit - Ask Questions & Get Free Answers
  11. Chacha - Questions and Answers
  12. Experts Exchange - Start Solving
  13. Fixya - Questions and Answers
  14. Google - Ask a question
  15. Wiki Answers - The Q&A Wiki
  16. Yahoo - Ask & Answer

If you want us to Add/Remove any website, Please write in comment section, So that we can review and will update as soon as possible.

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