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Google Bert Update

Google Bert Update - Will it help for more relevant Search Results?

Are you worried?

Is your site has been removed on search results suddenly?

Google has recently released a Major SEO or Search Update "BERT" on 21 October,2019 for rich snippets and English language queries.
Google has recently launched a major SEO Update which is Bert on October 21, 2019 for English-language queries.

This update has effected all the search algorithms of sites. Even there are lots of bloggers or individual who have been removed from search because of BERT update. Even being a blogger I also faced same issue.
However now I am making changes in my blog according to BERT Update. You also need to do if you want to be in search results on your desired keywords.
This is to be considered as the biggest SEO update so far. Google algorithms has changed its beckend technology. Now Google Search Algorithm has started working on Artificial Intelligence.

What is BERT?
BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is helping users for more relevant search results. After this update now rich snippets plays a important role in order to rank on Google.

How does BERT work?
I am going to explain it in a very simple manner. Now whatever you are going to post on your site or blog, should be relevant enough. Otherwise it won't come in search results on Google.

How do we define relevancy?
You content should not contains spammy words. Now you need to be more focus on Keyword density ratio while writing content.

Major things to consider after Google Update BERT:
1. While creating a title of your post. Try to ask a question instead of statement. Use What, Which or How to in the title.
Before: Top 10 Web Hosting Providers
Now: Which are Top 10 Web Hosting Providers?

2. In order to come in search results very fast. You need to add Questions and Answers or FAQ's in the content. And don't forget to add Schema Markup  in Q&A or FAQ's.

Q&A Schema Markup Search Query

qa schema markup

FAQs Schema Markup Search Query

faq schema markup

3. Once you start adding FAQ's or Q & A in your posts using Schema Markup. You post will start coming in Search results very soon.
Now it is very important to know that...
How to Schema Markup in Questions and Answers or FAQ's?
Follow the official links given above in order to know How to schema markup in FAQ's or Q&A?

Hope this information will help you all to boost your site ranking very quickly according to Google BERT Update.

Read more in details about Google Bert Update

Today we are sharing few SEO Wallpapers created by our creative team. Hope you will all love our creation.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process to rank your website in Google or any other search engine on your desired keywords. However you have to follow lots of key responsibilities and policies in order to rank fast. Also sharing you the tip to boost your product sales.

SEO is consist of two types, which are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

For On-Page SEO Follow the link given below
Off-Page SEO also plays the most important role to get in search results. Read this carefully
Now a days every individual is planning to promote themselves on YouTube. Which is considered the best 2nd search engine around the world.
For YouTube SEO Follow the link

We hope that you have liked our SEO Wallpapers. We will try to update more very soon. You can download these for FREE and use for your own purpose. Kindly don't forget to give us credit while using.

seo wallpapers 1

seo wallpapers 0

seo wallpapers 2

seo wallpapers 3

seo wallpapers 4

seo wallpapers 5

seo wallpapers 6

seo wallpapers 7

seo wallpapers 8

email marketing software
As per the recent survey More than 34% of people around the world use email. And this ratio is increasing day by day. Email Marketing is a way of communication reaching your target customers personally. That's why Email Marketing Services considered to be the easiest and effective way to promote any kind of small or large business. To promote the business using bulk emailing your require some expertise doing it. However today we are sharing you the list of Best Email Marketing Services where you only require a knowledge related to your product. And rest everything is user friendly like creating email template, uploading data to send etc. Always remember while doing bulk emailing that Spamming is strictly prohibited. So without wasting a moment lets start exploring the Best Email Marketing Services, which are as follows:

SENDPULSE - Multi Channel Email Marketing Platform
SendPulse offers All delivery channels on one platform. Where you can simply create email templates. You can upload data in different files very easily. It has a HTML Drag and Drop email template creator. Once you are done with all the steps you only have to create campaign in order to shoot bulk emails. It also provides services like: bulk email, web push notifications, SMS and Viber. You can schedule campaign according to the desired date or time and schedule bulk email or any other service on automatic mode.
If you have subscribes database and you are ready to start emailing. You should avail this service as you don't need anything extra in order to promote. And there are much chances to get inbox deliver using this Email Marketing Service.
And once you are over with free 15000 Email value. There are very cheapest plans to upgrade and send more emails.

SendBlaster is one of the best email marketing software to set up email marketing campaign. Its a software for mass emailing where you have to pay a one time fee to get a life time license. You also get 15 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services however it won't happen.
In order for bulk emailing using this software you only require this software, smtp servers and owned subscribed database.


Hope these Email Marketing Services and Software will help you to promote your brand, product or service.

Telegram Groups
Hello All,
Today we are going to share you the best Telegram Groups of 2020 to join for free. Telegram groups are much powerful rather than other messengers because in Telegram Groups there can be upto 1,00,000 members in a single group. You can share unlimited number of posts, photos, videos or any other service to promote and to get instant active traffic. It is a good way to promote your business or service.
We are using telegram since last 3+ years. Guys, it has seriously some cool features which you won't find with other messengers. It is free to download and install from Playstore or App Store. It is available for Android and iOS.

Why To Join Telegram Groups?
It is an unique way to spread quotes, videos, memes, images, services or business. It gives you instant unique traffic and users also it is a different way to engage with other members.

What makes Telegram so special?
There are two major differences which make it unique rather than other competitors.

  • Whatsapp allows you to share MAX 16 MB video file size however Telegram allows you to send MAX 1.5 GB video file at once. Isn't it great?
  • In Whatsapp groups you can have maximum 256 members however in Telegram one group can have upto 1,00,000 members.
It doesn't mean that Whatsapp is not a good option. That is also a very amazing messenger to interact with other. However every software or app has advantages and disadvantages.

Why Telegram Group Invite Links Are Best?
By joining few groups you get millions of members to share your thoughts or any other thing. By joining Telegram Group Invite Link you join a community where you can promote the services, share the thoughts, spread the authentic news etc.

How to Join Telegram Groups using Invite Links?

  • It is an easy task, you only needs to follow few steps.
  • Download and Install Telegram from Playstore (Android) or App World (iOs)
  • Register by following given steps with your mobile number
  • Create profile with authentic and genuine details
  • Once you are done with above steps, Click on the Groups given below one by one to join. These are free invite links
We update Telegram Groups Invite Links on weekly basis thus you will always get updated urls only.

Telegram Group Invite Link
Funny Memes Status
Dating Now
Love Friendship
Digital Jobs
Sarkari Naukri India
Buy, Sell or Trade Anything in India
Love is Beautiful
English chatting group
All About Cryptocurrencies
Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

If any of the link given above is not working. Do comment us to update.

Microleaves has started their operation in 2012. And they have become the world's largest proxy network. They offer variety of proxies like: Backconnect Proxies, Dedicated HTTP Proxies, Shared HTTP Proxies. They have 26 millions of residential IPs in their network of every city in the world.

What makes Microleaves the best Proxy Provider?

microleaves review

Key Features of Microleaves

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
Being in the competitive market, they have competetors who offers same amount of bandwidth however they charge you per GB once you are over whit given capacity. Microleaves doesn't charge you extra for it in comparison to others.
  • Worldwide locations
They don't provide any list of cities. However they claims they have proxies from around the world. As per reviews received by its customers. Its truth.
  • 3-Day Moneyback Guarantee
They don't offer a trial period however you still have 3 days money back guarantee. So don't worry you still have a period to try their services free of cost.

Offers 3 types of Packages
1. Backconnect Residential Proxies
You can change ip addresses every ten minutes with more than 26 million ips from around the world.
2. Dedicated HTTP Proxies
They have tens of thousands of IPs ready to use. They have Multiple Subnets, Instant Scaling, Unlimited Bandwidth, United States Proxies and best plans available.
3. Shared HTTP Proxies
Thousand of IPS available to use. They have Multiple Subnets, Non Sequential IPs, Unlimited Bandwidth, Fast servers and cheapest plans available.

Plans for Everyone 

Microleaves Review
Really great service provider. Bought proxies and i've tested those. The proxies are fast for scrapping also.
Alan Rodriguz 
Best Proxies available for Digital marketing and SEO purpose.
Gregory Tustin
Microleaves considered to be the trusted proxy network to buy proxy plans from. Most of its customer's have given positive Microleaves Review. Thus we also recommend you all. 

Latest Microleaves Coupon : Get Huge Savings
Coupons upto 50% Discount


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YouTube SEO
15 Simple Ways to Optimize YouTube Videos to Get More Traffic and Views

We all are aware that Google has become the largest search engine for users from around the world. And YouTube is the 2nd largest search engines to search any kind of videos.
YouTube is a very good platform to promote your talent, expertise, skills, services, product or any business. There are many individuals who want to be on YouTube to explore their talent and skills. Even it is becoming more and more famous in Youth now a days. YouTube is considered to be the best and biggest video sharing platform and it is growing day by day. If you want to maximize the traffic and view of your created and uploaded video. You need to consider the points given below. Which will help your video to get in search results very soon on desired keywords.

Below we have mentioned the most important point to implement before uploading any video. You can do YouTube SEO and optimize your video by following given ways.

YouTube SEO #1. Keyword Research
Keyword Research is one of the most important factor to consider before uploading video. It will help your video to get ranked very fast. There are various ways to do research like: Whatever keyword you have decided to target on a uploaded video. Type that keyword in search box and check whether that keyword is automatically coming in suggestion box in search tab. If not it means that not a competitive keyword and will not help your video to drive more view.
You can do keyword research using Google Keyword Planner. You can also use YouTube keyword research tools provided by Ahrefs, KeywordTool and many more. These external tools will give you an accurate idea about its searches and competition. Initially try to use medium competitive keywords instead of high. Once you start getting good amount of traffic on your channel or video then you can start selection high competitive keywords.

YouTube SEO #2. Title of Video
Title play a very important role to get your video in search results. Try to use the main and targeted keyword in the title. YouTube allows you to write 100 characters in the Title however try to use upto 70 characters as YouTube gives a preference to the video which has upto 70 characters Title. Try to write a attractive and niche specific title of your video.

YouTube SEO #3. Tags
Tags will also helps your video to get rank very quick. Selected keywords will be the best tags for your video. You can use upto 400 characters in tags however use 10 to 15 the most suitable tags while uploading a video. If this feature is used properly your video will get ranked very soon.

YouTube SEO #4. Description
Use upto 150 characters in description. Write relevant description related to your video. You can also use selected keywords in the description tab. Also don't forget to use related hashtags in the description. Use between 1-3 hashtags only. You can always refer your website link or other social media platform urls in the description box to increase followers or fans.

YouTube SEO #5. Attractive Thumbnail
Thumbnail is an image which is a cover of your video. So it should be attractive enough to engage user. Whatever image you have selected for thumbnail try to write some informative and brief text on the image related to your video. It looks professional and user gets attracted to it. The perfect size for thumbnail is 1920x1080, 1280x720. You can always use Photoshop to create attractive thumbnails.

YouTube SEO #6. Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment
You should not hesitate asking your users to Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment. You can use voice, images or some edited video to ask for sharing. If you will get more subscribers it will help your channel to rank your next video very fast.

YouTube SEO #7. Renaming Video Filename
This is also important step however most of us forget to do it. Whenever you create a video using any video editing tool. And once you save your edited video it always gives a by default name according to software to software. Example: 54152.mp4 or whatever
Rename that video file name before uploading. And try to use your main keyword as a file name. For Example: If Targeted keyword is "YouTube Optimization". rename a file like Youtube-Optimization.mp4

YouTube SEO #8. Video Length
According to the experts or analysis the average size of popular video is between 4 to 5 minutes. You don't upload lengthy video nor upload very short video. Try to maintain a average length of each video uploaded.

YouTube SEO #9. Regularly Publish Videos
To rank your channel or to get more and more subscribers, view or likes, try to upload video on regular basis. If you have enough content, Don't upload all of your videos together and then a take a pause for few days. Try to upload video one by one on regular basis. It engages your subscribers.

YouTube SEO #10. Quality Content
It is one of the most important factor to consider. Try to upload only quality content. Don't use copyrighted musics, scenes or cropped videos. Upload your own content and before uploading make it little attractive using video editing tools.

YouTube SEO #11. Add Suspense
Adding suspense is also considered to be the better way to optimize YouTube video. It can help to increase watch time of your videos. The most popular way to add suspense is to ask relevant and related question in the video. Try to ask the question in start and give an answer at the end. It will help you to engage your user during entire video and there will be a possibility that user will watch entire video.

YouTube SEO #12. Category
Choosing a right category also helps your video to drive more traffic using search. There are people who searches a video by typing a keyword however people also search video by selecting a category.

YouTube SEO #13. Language
While uploading a video select a correct language according to your video. It helps for local SEO.For Example: If you video has a Hindi language. Select hindi as video will have a higher chances to get in search in the targeted country.

YouTube SEO #14. Allow comments
Don't uncheck the Allow comments tab. As by allowing comments will help your to engage more and more users.

YouTube SEO #15. Licence and rights ownership
If you have a legal Youtube channel and you own a video rights. Always upload video licence. As YouTube gives priority to the channel who upload licence and works legally.

Conclusion: YouTube Video Optimization
YouTube is not just for the celebrities or famous personalities. It is a platform for every individual to share the creativity, thoughts, skills. And if you start getting subscribers and views. Believe me you can earn huge by uploading videos. So always remember to use above given tips while uploading a video.

If you have any concerns do comment us below and we will try to revert you as earliest as possible.

same whatsapp different phones
As we all are aware about Whatsapp web. Using Whatsapp Web we can run same whatsapp account number in phone and PC, Desktop or Laptop at the same time.
However people are still curious to know how can they run same whatsapp number on two different phones. Today we are going to explain you the best way to run it. You only have to follow the steps given below.

How to use one WhatsApp account on two different mobile phones or devices?1. Go to play store Search for the app "Whats Web Pro" (Playstore Link here)
2. Install this app in the other mobile phone where you would like to run the same account
3. Now open Whatsapp in the first mobile phone, in which it is already installed and you are using it
4. Go to the Top right icon which has three dots. It will give you an option of Whatsapp Web
5. Click on Whatsapp Web
6. Now you only have to scan its QR code in "Whats Web Pro" App (New or other Phone) Where you have installed this app
7. Once scanning is complete, you can start using same whatsapp account in different phones

Still If you would like to inquire something, feel free to ask by commenting below. We will try to revert you as earliest as possible.

Youtube Video Uploading Error
Now a days most of the Vloggers are facing issue whenever they are trying to upload any video on YouTube. Video stuck while loading and processing. We were facing same issue since long tried several ways to sort it out, contacted support too however didn't get any relevant answer instead of FAQ's.
While trying lots of tip and tricks to solve the YouTube Video Uploading Error. We found the best way to upload any relevant video without loading issue.

We have got several queries related to the topic from around the world like:

  • Cannot upload a video, stuck on "Loading..."
  • Video stuck during upload
  • Videos taking a long time while uploading or that are stuck during upload
  • Anyone know why my uploader is stuck on "Loading?"
  • How to Fix YouTube Video Upload Stuck at 0% or 95% Processing?
  • What Do You Do When YouTube Freezes in the Middle of an Upload?
  • How can a fix Youtube video upload stuck on processing at 95%?
  • YouTube video does upload, but it can't process.
  • Video upload stuck at 60%
  • How to fix YouTube Uploader Error or Issue?
  • and many more...

After receiving these queries our team started working on it and found the easiest solution to solve it. You only have to follow few steps in order to start uploading video perfectly again.

STEPS TO FOLLOW: YouTube Video Uploading Stucks on Loading Error SOLVED 100%

1. Most of us are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari who are facing Youtube Video Uploading and Loading Issue
2. Download and Install Microsoft Edge Browser
3. Start Uploading Video from Microsoft Edge Browser and you won't find video loading or processing issue.
If you still face any issue you can connect with us by commenting below. Our team will try to revert you as earliest as possible.
Thanks You

video editing software
This video editing software can create videos in 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16 and 3:4 aspect ratios. The rendered video can be use for various online platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, taobao, portrait etc. It is one of the only best video editing software which supports various ratios. It is available for PC, Mac, Android and iOs. It also converts video format from 16:9 to 9:16 very easily with a full screen mobile view.
Download Links:

  • It can create educational content for the school, institute or other purpose.
  • This Video Editing Software is used to create Short Video Ads.
  • Many of the agencies are using it for Film Editing.
  • It creates promotional material for business purpose.
  • It is also used in training and conferences.
  • It can create a professional video for wedding anniversary or other family function.
  • It has user friendly option and detailed tutorials to learn.
Advanced Video Editing Features:
  • Color Adjusting
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Multi Tracks
  • Masking
  • Detach Audio
  • Insert Audio
  • Basic Editing
  • Overlay & Filter
  • Text Editor
  • Transitions
  • Mosaic Effect
  • and many more...
How to get 1 month full featured VIP account of BeeCut?
Visit here and find an option "Free VIP Account" (which is on the top above Download button) click on it and follow the steps given there. See Screenshot given below.
free video editing software
This Video Editing Software has been rated as 5 star in Playstore, AppStore and all over the internet on various rating websites.
Even before giving a review on this post, we have used it to experience the same. Thus decided to rate is to be the best video editing software among all. And suggesting you all to use it at least for a month. As they are providing a free one month trial having complete features. You only have to follow few steps and get a VIP account for a month for free. Don't forget us to mention your own experience after using it. Kindly comment below for more suggestions.

video software


duplicate content 1
What is Duplicate Content?
Duplicate content term used in SEO to describe same text that appears on web more than once. It can be on different domain or sub-domain names. Either it can be exactly same or closely similar. When it is exactly same it is considered to be the copied content and can be penalized however if it is closely similar it considered to be the duplicate content and can not be penalized.

What is Copied Content? And how it is differ from Duplicate Content?
Copied content is also called as exactly similar and is being copied same to same from one to another domain name. It can be penalized by Google or other search engines as it increases search spam as it slows down search results.

As per the latest algorithm policy updates, we have found few important points to pay attention to. We will not describe much as we will summarize the difference the duplicate content vs copied content according to Google.

Major difference between Duplicate Content and Copied Content are as follows:

  • On the entire web 25-30% of content is duplicate and Google doesn't consider it to be malicious. However Copied content is 90-100% resembles to another.
  • Copied content refers to content which is intentionally copied in an effort to gain instant traffic and manipulate SERP.
Hope above given brief summary is explanatory enough to understand Duplicate Content VS Copied Content. If anyone of you have another explanation or update, be in touch to update me or other users too.
Do you need more advice on the same topic. Read more here.

Thank you for visiting...

duplicate content
Today we will discuss about Duplicate content advice, penalty, items were included, issues, content on different domains, search, myth, strategy according to Google and SEO.

What is Duplicate Content?
Duplicate content is differently treated by Google rather than copied content, with the difference being the INTENT and nature of the duplicated text.
Copied content can often be penalized according to search engine's algorithms or crawlers. Duplicate content can not be penalized, but it happens often. Always remember to be careful before spinning or copying content to make it unique.

Google clearly says that the best practices to make your text more ‘UNIQUE’ is to use low-quality techniques like adding synonyms and related words.

In the above video , Google’s Andrey Lipattsev refused that Google doesn't penalize because of duplicate content.
He want to clarify that its not a penalty if Google or any search engine discovers that your content is not unique. However your page will never rank above a competitor’s page.

As per the video, if you at content on the web, approximate 25-30% of web content is duplicate content. Thus every time mentioned duplicate content is not spam. Suppose if we are searching some page results and we find two websites with a same content, so rather than choosing both of the pages in search results. Google choose one of them. This is why Google always emphasize to create unique content for your site. Watch video for more...

As per Google:

  • There will be no duplicate content PENALTY
  • Google considers UNIQUENESS and give priority accordingly
  • Google FILTERS duplicacy and shows result of only one in SERP
  • Duplicate content can slow down CRAWLERS in finding new results
  • Duplicate content will never promote your product or service on fire however unique content will
  • Use canonical tags
What is Boilerplate Content?
Boilerplate is a written content or text that can be reused without making much changes to the original.
Google considers boilerplate content...but you still shouldn't use it much, however you should always minimize its use. As confuse search engines to ignore the page completely.

The myth of the duplicate content penalty:
There are many people who are afraid of using duplicate content, however you can use it but remember not to copy it completely. There are lots of difference between duplicate content and copied content. We will be explaining further. Many people have too many question regarding same. Example:

  • What items not included in duplicate content?
  • Does duplicate content effects on Google search?
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Duplicate content on different domains
  • Duplicate content myth
  • Duplicate content strategy
  • Duplicate content penalty
  • Duplicate content SEO Advice
We have already explained each mentioned above point in this article. Hope you all have no doubt now rather than difference between copying vs duplicate content.
Check this article on the same
Duplicate Content VS Copied Content

Free Tool for checking Duplicate Content, which is also called PLAGIARISM CHECKER.

seo search engine optimization
On-page SEO is essential key method of any site to enhance search ability. However it requires technical skills to implement. A person should be able to read and understand HTML. Then only he or she can optimize his or her site according to onpage seo policies.
If you are done with on-page seo correctly then the second most important task is to look for off-page seo of the website. The more backlinks from relevant sources your website will have, you site will have maximum chances to be in the top search of every big search engines like Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN. And to increase we have to do the offpage seo tasks.
So, now question occurs... How will you increase backlinks? It seems easy however it is not. As now a days lots of policies has been changed and increasing backlinks can be disadvantage for your site if not done correctly. As it can increase badlinks or toxic links. Which impacts on your site performance.
Here are 3 best practices you should do to increase quality backlinks, which are as follows:

1. Blogging or Blogs
Blogging or having blogs on your site are the best practice to increase search availability. As Google or other search engines gives preference to the site which are the most updated ones or update any unique content related to their product or service frequently. As it increases the chance of the visitor to stay on your site for a long duration which enhances Alexa and there are more chances for returning visits. There should be comment section in your blog. As it helps to interact with a user. It keeps the search engines in touch with your blog. Always remember to put a blog link on Home or Top menu. Here is the list of guest blogging sites.

2. Article Writing
Search for the best article sites list or you can find it here. And post a fresh and unique article related to your service on article site. Always remember to put your site-link in the article submission at least for once. Mentioning site-url more than once can be cause of article rejection. These article sites gives a strong and quality backlink to your site. And also provides you instant unique visitors to your product.

3. Forum Submission
First thing you have to search the Dofollow forum submission list. Forums also provides a unique backlink and instant quality traffic. However always put relevant thread or post otherwise post can be rejected by admin. As most of the good forum's admin or staff watches every new thread in order to get rid of spam and phishing.

Above mentioned 3 off page methods can give you incredible results, if done correctly. Hope it may help you all.

seo wallpaper 30

rank website seo
Today we are explaining few steps to rank your website in Google search. These steps will get you rank faster, if you follow accordingly.

Step 1: Keyword Research for Site
Searching for a accurate keyword should be a priority for every website or business. Being a developer if you are developing your website by yourself or hired a company to do it. Remember to take a domain name mentioning a main keyword or if it is a business remember to add a html page with permalink using your main keyword. It will help you to rank your website faster in Google search on the desired keyword.
When you are writing a content of your site remember to add relevant keywords in it. However do remember to maintain the keyword density according to content length.
Example of SEO company:
Use a keyword mentioning the desired city or country location like:
seo company Delhi
seo company India
Do remember to mention keyword phrase in the content. It helps you to rank faster.

Increase the keyword’s prominence:
Add keyword in HTML title tag. However length should not exceed 150 characters
Remember to place keywords in headings
Add keywords in the title of post or paragraph
Always remember to bold the desired keyword once in the whole content
At least hyperlink your main keyword once in the content
Add images between the content and add alt tag on it

Step 2: Content or Web Copy
If you are not expert in writing content, you require a web copy writer. As they are expert in writing content for your website. A content is considered to be the king.

Things to remember while writing content:
Content should not be duplicate otherwise site can be penalized by search engines
Don't use less content on each page
If you are not expert enough hire a content writer
If its a blog site. Remember to add unique content on daily basis. It will give you unexpected results. If its not a blog site. Add a blog page on site and updates relevant unique blogs on daily basis

Step 3: Building Backlinks
It is also an important task. Increasing relevant backlinks of your site will help your site to rank fast. There are various ways to build backlinks. Follow the link for more clarifications How to increase backlinks?

Do remember:
Don't add badlinks or toxic links. It will impact on your site performance
Badlinks and toxic links come from less DA (Domain Authority) sites
Check latest DA Sites list

How will we monitor the performance?
To monitor your site results you should use Google analytics. It has lots of options to check which gives you complete history about your website.

Motivational Quotes Wallpaper
We have created and developed the best and top Motivational quotes wallpaper in HD with the selected quote. These inspirational wallpapers are designed for better looking. Hope you all will like these creations.
This is a first set of Motivational Quotes Wallpapers. We will always try to update these on regular basis. Our team searched and found some inspirational quote and created these HD Wallpapers.
You all can use these motivational hd wallpapers for desktop, pc and laptops.

Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 1
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 2
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 3
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 4
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 5
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 6
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 7
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 8
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 9
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 10
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 11
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 12
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 13
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 14
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 15
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 16
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 17
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 18
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 19
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 20
Motivational Quotes Wallpaper 21
 Check out more HD Wallpapers by clicking here.

digital marketing
We always require inspiration time to time to execute our ideas or achieving our goals. We have found the best Digital Marketing Quotes and put those on the images and created few HD high definition wallpapers for you all. Internet marketing is a revolution for every business and expanding various technologies day by day to make your business presence online. These Digital Marketing Wallpapers with Quotes are the best ones and you can use any one from these wallpaper for your own marketing purpose or business.

Digital Marketing Wallpaper:
We have updated few wallpapers here mentioning some of the best Digital Marketing Quotes. Online promotion is very essential for every business, product or service. Thus every website owner or business man requires digital marketing expertise to promote it online or rank in Google search or SERP.

Digital Marketing Quotes:
digital marketing quotes 1
digital marketing quotes 2
digital marketing quotes 3
digital marketing quotes 4
digital marketing quotes 5
digital marketing quotes 6
digital marketing quotes 7
digital marketing quotes 8
digital marketing wallpaper
digital marketing quotes 10
digital marketing wallpaper hd 1
digital marketing wallpaper hd 2
digital marketing wallpaper hd 3
digital marketing wallpaper hd 4
digital marketing wallpaper hd 5
digital marketing wallpaper hd 6
digital marketing wallpaper 1
digital marketing wallpaper 2
digital marketing wallpaper 3
digital marketing wallpaper 4
digital marketing wallpaper 5
digital marketing wallpaper 6
digital marketing wallpaper 7
digital marketing wallpaper 8
digital marketing wallpaper 9
digital marketing wallpaper 10
digital marketing wallpaper 11
digital marketing wallpaper 12
online marketing wallpaper
internet marketing wallpaper
internet marketing wallpaper 1

Hope you like all of these Digital, Online, Internet Marketing Inspirations Quotes Wallpaper HD.
There are many inspirational quotes mentioned on each of them. Those have been written by famous personalities like bill gates etc.



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