Thursday, July 09, 2015

Pay Per Click Affiliate

Top 10 Best PPC Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs Networks Advertising Sites

There are lots of different Top 10 Best Pay per click (PPC) affiliate programs or networks advertising sites available online to allow bloggers or site owners to generate or maximize their earnings. Advertisers, who would like to promote their offers, they should also become a part of it. By signing up with Pay per click (PPC) affiliate programs or networks advertising sites, any one can generate huge amount of revenue by becoming advertiser or publisher. 

Today I will be sharing a list of Top 10 Best PPC Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs Networks Advertising Sites, which are  as follows:

1. Google Adsense:
Google Adsense is one of the best PPC or CPC based networks. Every blogger or website owner wants to be a part of it, just beacuse, it is a part of Google, the biggest brand of the world. However it is very hard to get an approval from adsense. Adsense offers highest CPC rates and show more targeted ads related to content which increase the CTR rate and helps to earn more revenue. It CPC rate vary between the range of $0.02 - $15 depend upon the location of visitor and niche of the blog.
Application Approval: It is very hard to get an approval from adsense.
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Mode: Bank transfer or cheque

2. AdClickMedia:
AdClickMedia allows bloggers to make money from the clicks generated from the ads placed on your Blog, unlike all other PPC ads company. They are growing bigger day by day because most of the premium publishers are joining them and leaving other affiliates. You don't have to wait for the application approval. Do why are you waiting join us now.
Application Approval: Instant approval
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Mode: Paypal, Bank wire

3. BidVertiser:
Bidvertiser is also a best choice to work on PPC or CPC module. Bidvertiser is also the oldest advertiser platform and even perform well at some kind of blogs. It CPC rates are best as compare to other small networks just because they offer POP up, Banner and various other typing advertising techniques. If your website or blog have sufficient visitors or traffic, you can convert your web traffic into good conversion.
Application Approval: Instant approval
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Mode: Paypal or cheque

4. RevenueHits:
RevenueHits help publishers to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual and Geo targeted Ad Serving technology. Our innovative Performance Base (CPA) Ad Network was designed to help publishers to monetize online assets, including toolbars, websites, search, widgets, IM applications and more.
Application Approval: Account approval instantly with email verification.
Minimum Payout: No minimum payout
Payment Mode: Paypal or Bank wire

5. infolinks:
Infolinks provides engaging, real-time ads for publishers and a self-serve market place for advertisers while striving to circumvent banner blindness. And it has the maximum conversion rate instead of any other pay per click affiliate network.
Application Approval: Instantly approved
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Mode: Paypal or Bank wire

6. NativeAds or Superlinks:
Native ads promote engaging content with stories users want to read without changing the form and function of a website. And ads automatically adapt a content and theme of website to provide more conversion.
Application Approval: Approval on review
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Mode: Paypal or Payoneer

7. Chitika:
We deliver ad solutions to make your websites and campaigns more valuable. Our technology and data predict when to show an ad that matters. At Chitika, we only show ads to users when and where they want to see them. Access to top tier advertising partners like Yahoo!, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor.
Application Approval: Approval by filling a form
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Mode: Paypal or Bank wire

Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads powered by gives you instantaneous access to one of the world's largest marketplaces for advertisers. It is hard to get an approval on this network as compare to adsense.
Application Approval: Approval is on review
Minimum Payout: $250
Payment Mode: Paypal or Bank wire

9. Clicksor:
Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn additional income by using a selection of clickable text or targeted contextual banners on their websites or blogs.
Application Approval: Approval on review
Minimum Payout: $50 Weekly
Payment Mode: Paypal or Cheque

10. PopAds:
Join us now and start bringing top quality visitors to your website as an advertiser or simply become a publisher and monetize your website's traffic with high quality ads which appear as popunders.
Application Approval: Easy approval process
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Mode: Paypal


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