Thursday, June 04, 2015

How to Reconnect Candy Crush Saga to Facebook in Android, Ipad or iphone?

Error Message: Sorry, you don't have access to the Kingdom, right now. Please try connecting again later.

Unable to play Candy Crush Saga using Facebook in Android phone

Steps to follow:
1. Uninstall the Candy Crush app on your Android phone
Go to Settings - Apps - Candy Crush Saga -Uninstall

2. Reinstall the app
Once it has been uninstalled successfully. Open Google Play Store and reinstall the candy crush saga

3. Open Facebook on a Computer or PC
After opening Facebook on PC. On the left, you will see Candy Crush Saga Icon in "Apps" Bar. Now open the app, While loading you will see the Facebook button "Play on Phone" at the left bottom. 

Reconnect Candy Crush Saga
4. Click on "Play on Phone" (See above screenshot)

After clicking on above tab. Go to your phone, open the app. And now you will be able to connect Candy Crush Saga using Facebook Account


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